ConnellyWorks 2020 - The Way Ahead


Big change brings big opportunity. After close to 15 years in business, ConnellyWorks today joins forces with Yes&, a newly-formed marketing agency offering clients across the government and commercial marketplace a single source for their PR, marketing, digital and events needs.

The move comes at the right time for ConnellyWorks and brings with it a raft of new and expanded capabilities in digital strategy, website development, video production and large-scale event production. As the lines between PR and marketing continue to blur and the need for digital marketing support skyrockets, the addition of these new capabilities is key to the future success of ConnellyWorks and its client base.

Leveraging the individual and blended capabilities of ConnellyWorks, PCI Communications, LeapFrog Solutions and Carousel30, Yes& is poised to become a major mid-Atlantic agency – one that strives to be ahead of the curve and to continually provide added value to its clients. “Yes &” comes from a tenet of improvisational theater: you take whatever comes at you, and—with agility, creativity, camaraderie and tenacity—you add to it. As a business approach, the Yes& mantra requires agility to accept and adapt to challenges as they come, and expertise to identify and deliver on additional opportunities, even after the base challenge is met. That is the exact foundation upon which ConnellyWorks was built and the perfect environment to allow for future growth.

So, what does this mean for you, the network of trusted and loyal clients and partners who have helped make ConnellyWorks what it is today? You can continue to depend on the same exceptional service from the same knowledgeable and dedicated staff you have come to know and trust. And, you can expect a bevy of offerings added to our traditional core capabilities. As part of the larger Yes& team, ConnellyWorks will be able to offer our clients improved work cycles, more dedicated resources, and a heavily-expanded creative bench. We can offer complete digital marketing support with advanced strategies for capturing leads. And for our events clients, we add extensive pre- and post-production capabilities, all in the same office and under the same name – ConnellyWorks.

What does it mean for prospective clients who have not yet jumped on board? We can’t wait to introduce you to our expanded team and show you why ConnellyWorks is regarded as one of the top firms in the market. And the Yes& government contracting vehicles provide ConnellyWorks the opportunity to expand its client base, working to provide marketing and event support directly to federal, state and local agencies.

And, what does it mean for me? Well, it means you’ll be seeing a bit more of me – both out in the market and onsite with the client. I will continue in my role as President, ConnellyWorks, but shed a number of day-to-day activities that limited my out of office cycles and enjoy the support of a range of talented back office professionals and an expanded executive team.

We are excited to join the Yes& family, and eagerly await what the future brings. Join us in taking our first steps on our new and exciting path forward, and experience for yourself the difference that saying “Yes&” makes.

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